Employee Benefits

As a result of the FMC4ME site, staff members may now access a wide range of resources whenever and wherever they need them. The site simplifies a lot of tasks for many employees.

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As soon as you successfully log in, you may begin using the benefits associated with your account. To find more about everything the site has to offer in terms of benefits, read on.

Take Advantage Of FMC4ME Employee Benefits

Employees of Fresenius Medical Care have access to many benefits via the FMC4ME site.

  • Building a leadership and value culture in which employees feel valued is an essential part of FMC. If they put the needs of their patients first, they can help one other and their patients more effectively.
  • From 2014 forward, more than 5,100 leaders have taken part in Leading with Values, where they have gained knowledge on goal-setting, teamwork, and self-and other-empowerment.
  • There is now a dedicated section of the Employee Service Center to help with mental health for everyone working for the organization. There is a wealth of information accessible to help with issues such as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, overcoming obstacles, being physically healthy, dealing with family issues, managing money, caring for someone with a drug addiction, managing a chronic illness, and overcoming feelings of loneliness.

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  • They are able to aid their employees financially in the case of a disaster or catastrophic incident via the CARES Fund. A dedicated phone center is available to employees with a 48-hour response time should they want financial assistance. Employees from every level and area of the organization pitch in to help the CARES Fund grow.
  • From the time of hiring all the way through their onboarding, training, and growth, First-Year Focus strives to provide employees an outstanding experience. In 2020, a total of 9,182 clinical staff members will be affected by First-Year Focus.
  • Fresenius Kidney Care pioneered the Clinical Advancement Program for registered nurses among dialysis providers. Enhancing nursing practice is the goal of this program for continuing education that is focused on projects.
  • Dialysis and nursing education programs are also offered by Fresenius Kidney Care. A culture of nursing excellence is fostered among nurses via this project-based training program.